Please note: 1. Each question / concept should have three separate paragraph answers: (i) describe the concept in detail. (ii) describe an example from your experience, OR reading. (iii) describe why this is a good example relating to a current issue.
2. Please email me your answers (pdf WORD) using your csi student email. 3. The test is due my midnight, March 17, 20201.
4. Grades will be emailed to you on March 18.
5. Each question carries 6 points ( 2 points for each paragraph ).

Questions / Concepts:
1. Scientific method; 2. Social Darwinism; 3. Micro level sociological analysis; 4. Symbolic culture; 5. Taboo; 6. Social institutions; 7. Transitional adulthood; 8. Re-socialization; 9. Master status; 10. Role conflict; 11. Reference groups; 12. Expressive leader; 13. Stigma; 14. Groupthink; 15. Medicalization of deviance.

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