Social Media on youth

Paper length: 5 full pages (typed, double-spaced, your full name at the upper left-hand corner of your first page only), PLUS your Reference List (1 page; works need to be listed using the APA format specified in The Little Seagull Handbook; alphabetically, using the authors last name).

SOURCES: use various and different sources; a minimum of 7. Use Book chapters, journal, newspaper and magazine articles, government webpages, documentary films, interviews etc.

Follow this Format as closely as possible:

Introduction to Thesis (your claimcentral position you will argue). Need ONE full paragraph here (1/2 of a page) to introduce your subject in an interesting way. The goal is to draw your reader inmake them interested. The last sentence of your introduction should be your THESIS STATEMENT.

Necessary Background (any information the reader must know in order to understand the argument you are making). Maximum of 1 PAGE or 2 FULL paragraphs. This is a good place to SUMMARIZE OR PARAPHRASE relevant information from your sources. Put all information in your own words and use parenthetical citations at the end: (authors last name, year, followed by the page number where information was found); for example, (Twenge, 2017, p. 61), or just (2017, p. 61) if youve already told the reader who the author of the information is in your sentence.

Lines of Argument (give 3 or 4 pieces of EVIDENCE, 3 or 4 GOOD Reasons to support your CLAIM (your thesis). Maximum of 2 Pages or 4 FULL paragraphs.

This is where you can SUMMARIZE, PARAPHRASE or QUOTE information from your sources. Use a variety of sources for this section.

Refutation of Opposing Arguments (Identify those who do not agree with your claim (thesis), briefly explain why, but SHOW THE WEAKNESSES OF this opposing position. Maximum of 1/2 page or 1 FULL paragraph. Use source materials here as well (summaries, paraphrases, or quotations).

Conclusion. Summarize your position (emphasize your solutions to the matter on hand); let the reader know why this claim is important, and what they are to think and do as a result of what youve presented to them. Maximum of a page or 1 full paragraph. No source materials necessary here.

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