Social Media and Ethics Article Critique

For this assignment, read and reflect on the following article. The article may be located by clicking on the link below:

Bousquet, C. (2018, April 27). Mining social media data for policing, the ethical way. Retrieved from

In your article review, identify the premise of the article, and provide your initial reaction to the mining of information from social media sites by public safety and homeland security agencies.

Is there a need for mining social media data for other purposes? If so, what are these purposes? If not, why? Discuss both the pros and cons of mining social media data. What technology exists to make these efforts more effective? In the article, Professor Cate advocates that cities should readily reveal what data they are collecting and how and what they are using it for. Do you agree with his position? Would this not be counterproductive to what law enforcement may be trying to do? Do you feel it would be proper for public safety and homeland security organizations to use the mining of social media data both for the purpose of hiring new employees and for the sporadic monitoring of current employees?

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