Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Computing

Research: Discover multiple viewpoints on a topic in ethics, society, or law as it relates to computing or technology. Quality research sources might appear in an academic journal, a reputable newspaper or online publishing platform (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The Register,,,, etc…), or perhaps blog posts by professional researchers or ethics boards.
Objectives: Learn to find appropriate resources for learning; practice reflection and writing; strengthen critical thinking and evaluation skills; teach your peers new, interesting things
Output: Write a short article about the topic you researched and give your thoughts and opinions about it. Your audience is your classmates. Your entries can be short or long and the topic can be as narrow or wide scope as you like; however, they must contain your genuine and thoughtful consideration, and they must be properly cited. So clearly a couple of sentences won’t be enough. I suggest aiming for a few hundred words, but feel free to be outside this range.

Please read the requirements carefully

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