Sexual Maturation and Health

This is a two part assignment. The first part is to answer the two questions and part two is to review four peers paper and follow the response guidelines.
Please answer and label the questions accordingly. This is a critical thinking, graduate level essay. There are two separate questions to be answer therefore please do not combine the two questions together. For example: Q1, Q2, with in-text citation from course reading material (Kroger and Scharf, Cobb, Rice and Santrock) as references. APA formatting and style.
My professor reviews my paper and will provide feedback and sometime he requires for addition clarification in regards to what have been written. Therefore, I will forward to you the question(s) from my professor. Please answer the question(s) accordingly.
Per class requirement, all papers must be submitted to Smarthinking for review before I can submit it in therefore please revise the paper according to Smarthinking suggestion.
Since you wrote the paper I would also need for you to review four of my peers paper and follow the response guidelines as to how it should be done. The response for all four paper should be one page in length. I will forward this when it available.
Q1. Discuss the reciprocal influences of biological, behavioral and psychological changes that occur in puberty (i.e. body image) within the context of an adolescent’s world.
Q2. Discuss adolescent health by focusing on one or two principle health issues (for example, eating disorders or health care). Be sure to bring in information from the article you found for this unit.

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