SES and Education

3. Read all of the articles found within the folder for the student group you choose.
4. After reading the articles, write a paper (7 to 10 pages—excluding references and it can be longer, if you wish) in which you:
1. Describe your experiences to date with the chosen student population (both personal and professional). Head this section “Experiences”
2. Summarize key findings from the readings in the “Start Here” folder AND discuss your feelings about these findings. Head this section “Start Here Findings and Feelings”
3. Summarize each of the articles read (from the diverse group folder you selected) such that a person not reading the articles would be able to understand the “main points” of the readings from your paper (Head this section “Diverse Article Summaries”;

4. Using the article readings and the information found within your course text (or other scholarly sources), propose THREE developmentally appropriate practices that could be used by someone in your field (the field you are teaching in, plan to teach in, or if you are a counseling student, how you would use this in counseling) for ensuring equity in education for the student group you chose. Additionally, explain how you arrived at these practices from the readings selected (in other words, be sure your suggested practices are related to the theories and readings of the course and not just based on your previous own life-experiences alone). Head this section “Developmentally Appropriate Strategies”
5. Please use part 4, sections 1 through 4 above as “sections” of your paper, with headings for each of the three sections as provided. All text citations and references must be in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition format. You may only use one direct quote in your entire paper—all other information must be paraphrased. Please be sure you paraphrase well and cite every time you borrow an idea from a source, even if it is in your own words. Unintentional plagiarism is usually a problem and will result in a failing grade (revisit your plagiarism tutorial if necessary).
*A Rough Draft and a Final Draft of this paper must be submitted by the due dates and times announced by the professor (see top of this assignment). Please submit the paper by the due dates and times by e-mailing it to the instructor (include your full name, the name of the course and section (EDF 610-301 or EDF 610-302), and title of the assignment (Review of Literature and Suggestions for Practice Paper) in the subject heading of the e-mail). 

* The Rough Draft must include a rough copy of each item above, properly cited, with reference page at the end. If you cite sources other than those provided in Bb, you must also provide a copy of the source and you must highlight each section of the extra source that you paraphrase. Failure to submit the Rough Draft by the due date/time will result in a 20% deduction to the overall grade of paper. Additionally, the final paper will receive a 10% deduction in grade per 24 hour period it is late.

*PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: The format of the articles in each folder varies as some are papers to advance theory, some are research, and some might be position papers. As such, some of the readings may be a little more difficult to understand in total. Please be advised that although you should read carefully, I do not expect you to have an understanding of statistical analyses. For the research articles, be sure to read the abstract first, followed by the literature review at the beginning, the methods/procedures, and the discussion. Do try to read the results sections, but do not be too worried if you do not quite follow the analyses.

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