Self assessment

You will complete the first three sections of your Self-Assessment paper. This assignment will include a title and a reference page.

1. The student will incorporate cognitive, social, emotional and physiological theories of human behavior to describe their developmental progress or lack of progress through the various stages. Did you move through the stages of develop on target or did you experience delays? This goes beyond simply walking and talking on schedule. Did you make friends easily once you entered school? Were you shy or outgoing? Think about where you are now. Which stage of development are you in at this point in your life?

2. The student will include relevant information in regards to their familys cultural values and beliefs and the impact this may have on how they work with people with different values and beliefs. Are you part of the dominant culture? Have you transitioned over time? Were you raised as part of one culture but now you identify with a different culture or a mixture of cultures?

3. Discuss your value system. How did it develop? What do place the highest value on (ex: honesty, fairness, life, family)? Do you hold the same values as your parents or did your values change as you moved into adulthood?

4. Discuss any socioeconomic issues that may have been present. Was the family below or above the poverty line and how might this have affected development? Use research to support your answer.

5. How do you handle stress? Describe a stressful situation in your life and how applied the problem solving model to resolve the issue. Was there a positive outcome?

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