Self and Peer assessment of oral presentation

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Weighting: 50%
1. Develop a 10 minute oral presentation suitable for
delivery to a staff meeting, journal
club orto your peers. The presentation needs to focus on assessment or evaluation with
relevance to
the work you do.
2. Design a criterion orfeedback marking sheet to assess this presentation.
3. Ask your colleagues to mark your
presentation using the criterion orfeedback sheet you
have developed. Provide a separate marking sheet for each marker.
4. Deliver your
presentation to your assessors and others as appropriate (label and include
the completed marking sheet/s as an appendix). Do not review
their marking until you
have self-assessed your presentation.
5. Use your criterion orfeedback marking sheet to self assess your
presentation (label and
include as an appendix).
5. Reviewthe self and peer marking sheets. Discuss with your peers the process of self
peer assessment as it applied in your presentation.
7. Reflect on the self and peer marking. What insights did you gain from peer
What were its advantages and disadvantages? Reflect on your reaction to being peer
assessed. Discuss your reflections drawing on

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