Read Chapters 4 and 5. After reading submit a written analysis of the scenario: XEROX. Must use uploaded material as one of the 3 sources . The paper should be 755 words in length with 1-inch margins and follow APA formatting style APA 6, which includes double-spacing, one-inch margins, and 12 point font. The analysis should contain the following headings:
A. Brief description of the scenario.
B. Discussion of the main points concerning innovation that are specific to the concepts studied in the chapter (and other innovative concepts, as applicable);
C. How the material is applicable to the student’s career (or future career objectives); (Not asking how XEROX will apply to your career; but how the chapter 4 and 5 material of Building an Innovative and Entrepreneurial Organization and Innovative Design Thinking and Innovation and Developing New Products, Services, and Ventures in an organization and the linkage to innovation in the form of commitment, perseverance, and passion for pursuing entrepreneurial activity/innovation is applicable. . Square the TEXT Material (and what you derive from analyzing XEROX to generic lessons learned) to your objectives, not the specific product or industry in the case study.
D. An evaluation of the successful and non-successful aspects of the company’s scenario or business practices. Past failures and accomplishments.
E. Current research: In addition to the information contained in the text, conduct current research to (a) bring the scenario up-to-date as to where the company is today; specifically, what is occurring both positively and negatively concerning innovation and (b) offer a brief environmental analysis to ascertain whether the business environment has changed since the time the scenario was developed and, if so, what has occurred and how has it affected the company? Remember when we talk about “Environmental Analysis” we are talking about SWOT- not how “green” the company is. You are expected to reflect on how the lesson materials square with your own experiences or viewpoints to provide a coherent, reflective – answer. Your comments should be your work and not just regurgitation from the text. Try to state your position with brevity, provide a simple justification for that position, and conclude your response in a logical and organized manner.

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