Safety on the Move

After reviewing the scenario on field trip safety, discuss any issues that might present concerns regarding licensure, safety, liability, and /or risk management.

Read chapter Chapter 8 Wrapping it up essay scenario: Field Trip Safety
The teachers at the Sunrise Early Childhood Center, located in a downtown
neighborhood, developed a series of lesson plans about zoo animals that they will
implement this coming school year. The lessons address the topic across several
curricular areas, including science, language and creative arts, outdoor play, and
nutrition education.
The teachers are also looking into the possibility of organizing a field trip to the local city
zoo. They know that field trips can be an enriching and reinforcing learning experience
and that many of the children in this program have never had an opportunity to be close
to zoo animals. However, the teachers also understand the challenges involved in
taking a group of twenty 3- and 4-year-olds on this type of excursion. Their main priority
is arranging safe transportation because the zoo is located on the other side of town.
They must also be prepared to care for one child who is allergic to bee stings and
several others who have pollen allergies and asthma.

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