Rough Draft on Topic Free Internet. Some people believe the cheap or free access is a human right. In this argument, either argue for or against free internet with the aid of sources provided below.

1. Argument must be supported by clear reasoning and at least 4-6 of the sources provided below. Present the thesis and support to best convince audience that your position has merit.

2. Possible angles to explore on topic: Low cost or free for those with certain incomes or in certain situations; whether local, state, or federal government should be involved in providing internet; rural or urban access; or other issues related with internet access. Sources are provided below.

3. Rough Draft Prompt

Introduction:- Information about the topic and general issue so that readers will understand the context (whether they are familiar or unfamiliar with the topic/articles). Then sentences that transition into thesis.

Support Paragraph 1:- Create a topic sentence that makes a claim to the thesis. Explore one or two examples from the article to support topic sentence. Make connections and provide analysis that expand on the sources and relate them to thesis.

Same as stated above on Support Paragraph 2 and 3.

Counter argument paragraph:- Consider the opposing side and explain their reasoning.(Respond to that side through argument)

Conclusion:- Tie together the evidence given and give the reader something to think (but not in the form of question). So what? Reflect on what further ideas need to be explored to better understand the nuances of the topic.

4. Sources:-

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Preview YouTube video Free Internet: WHY the Internet should be Free | How free Internet could work

Free Internet: WHY the Internet should be Free | How free Internet could work

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