use the same organizations (University of Michigan) type that u selected for the risk mtg assessment summary last week.
Your role as a consultant continues as u relate risk mtg policies and practices to quality mtg. You must summarize a plan for the organizations leadership that will serve as the foundation for developing a quality mtg program description for the organizations.
Write a 1400 plus page paper, executive summary style in which u complete the following information:
Describe the purpose of quality mtg in health care organizations in general and in your chosen organization type in particular.
Explain 3-5 key concepts of quality mtg.
Comment briefly on why is there so many other names and terms used to describe quality mtg, continuous quality improvement, total quality mtg, performance mtg, and if these distinctions are important.
Explain the terminology your chosen organization type uses and why your organization uses them.
Outline at least 3 of the organizations types typical long-term goals and at least 3 typical short-term goals.
Identify at least 5 factors internal and external that influences quality outcomes in your chosen organizations type and describe how these factors might negatively affect quality outcomes in your organization.
Identify 3-5 fundamental quality mtg on policies that should be implemented, how these relate to risk mtg and how they will influence health outcomes.
Explain the relationship between risk mtg and quality mtg in our chosen organization type and how these two disciplines relate to performance mtg.

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