Risk Management Work Overview

For this group assignment, work with your teammates to develop a 10-15-minute PowerPoint Presentation that summarizes the content of your risk management plan, risk register, and your risk management processes.
Slide 1 – Cover slide and with your names
Slide 2 – Project overview
Slide 3 – Key components of your Risk Management Plan – subsequent slides will share the detail of the risk management plan and your risk register.  Be sure to explain key parts that informed your risk work that are NOT explained in slides 4 – 9.
Slide 4 – How were risks identified?  The value of your approach?  What was difficult?  Lessons for next time?
Slide 5 – How were risks prioritized?  How valid do your feel this approach is?  What was the risk threshold to determine the position of a risk on the risk matrix?
Slide 6 What date can you be 80% confident of finishing by? What tasks are most likely to cause project delay? What are the riskiest parts of the project?
Slide 7- How were risk response strategies developed?  Integrated with your other planning components?  Secondary risks added?  Based on your risk reassessment, do these actions add value?
Slide 8 – What is your request for Contingency Reserve?  How was it determined?  Is it sufficient?  How will it be managed?
Slide 9 – How will risks be monitored and controlled?  How will you ensure that risk management work continues throughout the project and that the risk register is up to date?
Slide 10 – Value of Risk Management – how much better off is this project based on the risk work?  What is left to be done? For this slide, be sure to include the necessary references and citations (APA 6 or 7 format)

My part is Slide 9 and Slide 10. Please developed 4 slides of the presentation that include the speech notes as well. The Presentation.pptx is the ppt we will be working on, please add the slides into the ppt, the existing slides in there are completed by team members, which can be use as references to work on.

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