Review all the data you have collected on WALMART Additional items to review include annual reports, stockholder communications, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, and any other operational materials available to the general public.

Research any gaps in your information based on the four functions of management.
Write a 5 page paper of your analysis on the overall managerial health of your assigned company. You may choose a level of management (strategic, tactical, or operational) to complete your review. You should analyze your assigned company’s performance and determine if the company is achieving the primary purpose within the context of the management functions. For example, if the organization states a goal of being environmentally friendly within its mission statement and you discover several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violations through your research, assess whether the company is achieving/realizing its overall mission. What do you propose for closing the gap?
As you encounter gaps in the organization’s intended versus actual performance, recommend strategies for addressing the gap. These strategies should correspond with your level of review (strategic, tactical, or operational) and be within the context of the managerial functions, roles, and skills addressed in this class.
Include the resources that you used for your analysis

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