Response paper

For this assignment, choose one out of the two questions below for your response. Your response must provide pertinent examples to illustrate your argument. Write no less than 650 words. Due Monday 19th April 11:00pm. No title page needed.

1. While Henry Jenkins states that participatory culture is not new, it clearly has been extended and deepened by digital media. Define participatory culture and discuss how digital media has made it a more prominent part of everyday life. Make sure you address issues of cultural production, distribution and consumption in your answer and show how digital participatory culture challenges existing understandings of creativity, authorship, ownership and art.

2. According to both Manovich and Miller, video games are a perfect example of a new media object. Discuss why this is the case and explain how video games differ from more historically established media objects such as novels or film. In answering this question, make sure you define and discuss the unique characteristics of digital media and show how these characteristics are part of what makes a video game a new cultural form.

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