Research paper editing

All I need is some editing to a research paper already done but needs to be improved some changes are written in the file in Red but please take in consideration the next changes i want to make

e more professional header
Header and Footer
            ___ Meaningful Title
            ___ Authors
            ___ Affiliation
            ___ Page number
            ___ Date

please change the graphs to Pie charts

            _10_ Adherence to APA style/format
            ___ Appropriate research articles
            ___ No articles which are not cited in paper

Grammar and Formatting
            ___ Spelling
            ___ Proper grammar
            __  Complete sentences
            ___ No run-on sentences
            ___ Each paragraph has one main point
            ___ All terms are defined; no jargon
            ___ Concise
            ___ Logical flow
            ___ Use of Subheadings
            ___ Use of margins and spacing consistent throughout document
            ___ Use of margins and spacing consistent with requirements

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