Research Paper, Computer sciences and Information technology

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Research Paper, Computer sciences and Information technology

Knowledge Transfer Literature review



Project description
I wrote a Literature review before about “the communication barriers that inhabit the knowledge transfer between universities”, I was trying to identify the gap in literature on why universities aren’t transferring their Knowledge to each other. However, they asked me to focus on the teaching and research part of that question. Nevertheless, I have been asked to rewrite my Literature Review (LR) due to many mistakes about bad paraphrasing, lots of quotations, and wrong referencing. Also they provided me with structure of how the LR should look like. Furthermore, I’m not very knowledgeable about this topic nor writing LR. Additionally, they provide some useful point I will mention below.
• Your Background to your research area should show where your problem comes from.
• Use articles, minimum 25 (Peer-Reviewed preferred)
Introduction: (3 Pages) Including the Abstract.
– What is in this document
– Why I have done this (Problem Definition)
– What I intend to do or show with this LR (categories needing to be reviewed)
• Main Section: (8.3 Pages)
– One subsection per category. For each category –
• What I am going to review in this section, and why
• …Assessment of items in this category…
• What I can conclude from this about (this category).


• Conclusions (0.7 Page)
• Summary of what was done above (return to what was said in the Introduction)
• What did the Introduction say I was going to do?
• Has this been achieved?
• What can I conclude about
• – (a) the state of research in the subject area generally: large, active, what are the main concerns
• – (b) about my project: is it important, perhaps just a small part of an important area ; is it unique; what are its prospects of arriving at a solution in a feasible timescale
• – (c) about my previous project definition: in the light of the review, can I define objectives, scope, method, tasks more precisely than before. End with restated project objectives, so as to lead into the next section (not written yet) which is your Design Section.

Please Note: you should Including an Abstract. Also my document is not accepted due to a lot of plagiarism. However, I will provide it, so Please be careful.

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