Research #2

Create a Literature Review/Enhanced Annotated Bibliography using seven (7) steps. (Each step must be properly outlined.)
1. Citation (MLA format)
2. Summary of your selected journal article (150-200 words).
3. Explanation of why you selected this article (100-150 words). 4. Select two quotes from the article that you think would be useful. Cite each quote properly using MLA style as if it were in a body paragraph.
o Quote one: (50-75 words each)
o Quote two: (50-75 words each)
5. Explain how these quotes support your papers Argumentative Thesis. (50-75 words each)
o Quote one: (50-75 words each)
o Quote two: (50-75 words each)
6. Create a Work Cited page that includes all of the material for this paper (including your selected fiction).
7. Submit a PDF of the full peer-reviewed journal article: (A link will not fulfill this requirement).

Use these two articles:
Pomerleau, P. Wayne. Western Theories of Justice. Internet Encyclopedia of
Philosophy, Gonzaga University.
Segal, Charles. Divine Justice in the Odyssey: Poseidon, Cyclops, and Helios. The
American Journal of Philology. Vol. 113, No. 4, pp. 489-518.

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