I attached the worksheet. Worksheet fill out all the questions. I put 550 words as a total cause this is not an essay format.

Fill in the blanks in the charts in the document by using the resources provided below:

For most of this information use: (Links to an external site.) (click on the name of any religion then look at fast facts) or (Links to an external site.) (click on the name of any
religion to access the quick facts)
For size and the country use:

THE WORLD (Links to an external site.)  (for size)

COMPARE NATIONS –> Religions: (Links to an external site.) (country with the most)

Click on adherents to get the highest count at the top of the list.

Counts for Christian denominations and religions in your state and county use:

Use the Quicklists at The (Links to an external site.) –> US RELIGIOUS FAMILIES and US RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS (breakdown for states and counties)
Or: use the U.S. Congregational Membership: Reports (Links to an external site.) (browse reports by states and counties)
Additional guidance is on the worksheet

Answer the questions and add your reflections on the exercise on the worksheet. Also identify the closest worship community to your home for each of the six major religions noted on the worksheet.

Be sure to re-save your worksheet with the additions you have made to it.

Submit completed worksheet for grading


Correct answers to the questions (10 points)
Closest worship locations indicated (5 points)
Thoughtful response to the reflection prompts at the end of the activity. Addressing all four question prompts with a good sized paragraph or more (10 points)
All spaces in the worksheet chart filled in with appropriate responses (except for the spaces shaded in gray, which are for bonus points if you can find reasonable resources to fill in that information). (25 points)
Points deducted for incorrect or missing information that is clearly indicated in the resources provided. How many points depends on how much is wrong or left blank: minus 1 point for every 3 spaces left blank/wrong.

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