At this point you should be confident discussing your research. You will give the equivalent of a 10-minute presentation. I expect your presentation to be interesting and interactive. On the day of your FOP you will turn in a typed works cited page that lists the references used in your presentation (at least six sources). You will post the works cited within the your response text box.

Your presentation should address the following questions (though not necessarily in this order):

Why did you choose this person or organization?
What is their mission? Give a clear sense of what the person or organization was/is doing to bring awareness to genocide and/or genocide denial.
Why did they choose to be an upstander? Whats their story?
Are they connected to other organizations? If so, which ones are mentioned and in what context/manner are they discussed?
What are their tactics/ strategies to bring attention to genocide and/or genocide denial? Which tactics/ strategies can we adopt within our own lives and within our communities?
Now that you are armed with this information, what steps are you going to take to bring attention to genocide and/or genocide denial?

BE CREATIVE! You can present your research findings in a variety of formats:

PowerPoint / Prezi presentation
Video or Zoom recording of you presenting your PowerPoint/Prezi
Video or Zoom recording of oral presentation, including walking audience through organizations website or showing video clip(s) as supplements.
Video/audio oral presentation
In lieu of above options, you may submit a short write-up with embedded pictures/links.

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