Relational Dialectics Theory

All assignment requirements are attached.  I have already completed a preliminary outline, introduction section, and a list  of sources which are also all attached.

“The written paper should offer a review of a theory or concept. Your job is to write an expanded report on one theory. Much like a book report describes a book or a biography describes a person’s life, this paper should, above all, describe a theory or a concept. Once you’ve described the theory, you’ll then need to elaborate on how the theory works, how it has been tested, how it has been applied, and what shortcomings have been identified. This will require that you research several sources, which may include books, book chapters and scholarly journal articles. Finding primary research – reported results of original studies – is really important so that you can see how researchers have developed and tested the theory first-hand. Each step of the paper should be in APA format.”

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