Reflection Paper on Late Adulthood

Reflect upon your relationships with older adults (60 and older) or middle age adults (45-55). They can be family members, friends, co-workers etc. Discuss what developmental changes youve noticed over the time youve known the person/people. Provide some real-world examples.
>If you know what their outlook on life (e.g. future, viewpoints on younger generations, etc.) or any childhood stories, please include those.
>Draw some conclusions and relate your findings to your textbook and class lectures
    Here you may relate it to  Eriksons Psychosocial Theory related to  Generativity versus stagnation
        Note that  Generativity is : desire to leave a legacy for the next generation.  There are several types of generativity, focus on these two:  Biological Generativity  and Parental Generativity
Biological Generativity : when adult conceive and give birth to children or creation of generativity
Parental Generativity: provide nurture and guidance /raising children. Feels satisfaction that kids turn out good and have good job etc.
Also discuss some Physical changes if there is any = like menopause etc.
3 pages long, typed 12-point font and double spaced
No reference needed or format. Make it more personal as it is reflection paper.
Do not make it sound  scholarly article.

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