Reflection on Teaching Practices#4


Select a video.
Complete the information on both your school and the class watched.
Watch the video. Take notes as you watch on good teaching practices, such as (but not limited to) use of assessment to drive instruction (including Checks for Understanding), effective use of technology (student and teacher), differentiated instruction (meeting the needs of varied learners), etc. You may need to watch the video more than once.
Use the template to document the demographic information and describe (500 750 words) how the teacher implemented each practice in his/her instruction. What process and procedures did the teacher have to put into place in order for the practice to be effective? Refer to research to support your observation*. Your response should be written in paragraph form using professional language, appropriate grammar, and correct spelling.
Self-assess your reflection using the Reflection on Teaching Practices Rubric.
Share the completed template with your Mentor for feedback.
Upload the completed template into itslearning.

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