reading response


For this assignment, please choose two concepts to define and reflect on. Note: you can choose concepts from more than one chapter if you wish.


Name the concept and which chapter it comes from
Describe/define the concept,
Describe why you chose it, and then
Explain why it matters. What can we learn from or through that concept? What do you want others to understand?
Connection to class project: At least one of those concepts should be relevant to our class project. It may help explain what we are doing (e.g., what kind of prevention? Is it promotion?) or raise new questions for your group to consider. It may also be an opportunity to brainstorm next steps. If you wanted to create lasting change on our campus, what might come next? What strategies might you borrow?
Optional Illustrations: You are welcome to connect to current issues, illustrations, or personal examples to help you connect to the content.

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