Public Administration

Complete a Memo to your instructor and City administrators using The MOVE Disaster. (attached)
Memo should have three particular sections, the Overview (the basics), Lessons for Public Administrators (two good lessons), and Connections to Course Concepts (three good connections using course concepts from modules 4 & 5, also attached) sections.

Keep your audience in mind when developing your memo. Some members of your audience (leaders) may read only the executive summary, while others (managers) may quickly breeze through main points, headings, bullet points, and bolded portions. Finally, others (bureaucrats) will peruse your entire memo covering all of the details. Hence, your memo needs to contain a good, clear subject (like your original/relevant title), a brief executive summary, headings, bullet points, and bolded words/phrases bringing your audience’s attention to main points.

Also, I’ve attached an example memo

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