1. Description of the Client’s problem and provides a sophisticated depiction of all Pt’s views; word choice conveys empathy with each perspective; illustrations succinctly contribute to coherent conceptualization. Please provide a detailed yet concise intro that identifies the client, age, ethnicity, symptoms, occupation, grade, etc. Descriptions set the context for the understanding problem( 3 points)

2. Identifying the clients vulnerabilities by considering why the client more likely to
experience this problem(s) than another person (2 Points)

3. Identifying the clients triggers by considering the stimulus or source of the presenting
problem(s)  2 points

4. What is the pt. Core Beliefs ( 5 points)

5. What are the most central thoughts, feelings, memories, sensations, and situations that the client is avoiding or fused with? (2 points)

Differential diagnosis ( Please elaborate )  3 points)

6. Diagnosis( Please elaborate) 3 Points

7. Exploring coping strategies by considering the ways in which the client deals with the
effects of the presenting problem(s) 2 points

8. Finally, describe a comprehensive treatment plan which considers the particular processes, interventions, and measures you might want to use with this particular client (  2 Points)
Please follow APA guidelines (1)

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