Psychology Summary

– A description of a person – age, work or school situation (job, retired, grade, etc.), and how you know them for each of the three theories the stage they are in
– An explanation about why you think they are in that stage. Give clear evidence you’ve seen in their behaviors and show your understanding of the theory.
– A definition and explanation of one term from that theory that fits with your explanation – this can be a term in the stage label itself, such as “formal operational thought” or “integrity” or it can just be your description of that stage according to that theorist, such as describing “Integrity versus despair.”

Think about the following in your choices:

What are their behaviours that suggest the specific stage? Remember that the stages are identified by conflicts, such as “Trust versus Mistrust,” or skills and limitations, such as abstract thought or concrete operational thought, and not just a specific age range. For Erikson’s theory, think about such things as, what is the individual’s focus? What are their conflicts? What are they working on socially and emotionally? For Piaget’s theory, you might think about how they solve problems, do they have preoperational or concrete thought, etc.
Weekly assignment 3: Stage theories

You should choose one individual you know that you will evaluate according to the four stages of Piaget’s theory, 8 stages of Erikson’s theory, or 3 levels of Kohlberg’s theory. The person could even be yourself.

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