Psychology Measurement

1.Based off your knowledge in psych, a test is_____
2.Is it true an achievement test only tests intelligence? Why or why not?
3. For what purpose did Binet develop his intelligence test?
4. Is it true the mean and the median of a distribution are always the same number.
5. What is a standard deviation?
6. Are test samples of behavior or aids in predicting behaviors? Explain if it is both or not
7. In a criterion-referenced test, a person’s performance is compared to_____
8. Reliability is_________
9. Test batteries are_______________
10. A norm-referenced test compares a person’s score to____________
11-12. Name two characteristics of good norms.
13. What do job sites use psychological tests for?
14. What is a screener?
15.  If a curve has a hump at the higher positive numbers and a tail going toward the negative,
what is this called?
16. Name one type of developmental norm.
17-18. From what sources would you get information about a test? Name two sources and two
pieces of information you would want to find in those sources.
19. What is a norm group?
20. Is it true that Freud developed the Rorschach inkblot test? Why?
21. The degree to which test instruments measure what they are intended to measure is known as _______.

22. In a scatter diagram, if the cluster of data points slopes from upper left to lower right, this indicates

23. Is it true that content validity refers to the idea that enough questions were chosen from all possible questions, without regard to the subsets of questions in the pool.

24. Concurrent/convergent validity refers to____________. Explain your answer

25. What type of reliability is used when you are comparing people’s observations of a behavior?

26. Internal consistency is a measurement of:
27. Split half reliability is similar to:

28. Is it true face validity is whether the questions look like they refer to the construct in question?

29. Practice effects must be taken in consideration when measuring:

30. Is it true that a  test can be accurate without being reliable.

31. Is it true  long questions are better on tests because you can cover multiple ideas with them.

32.If this item discriminates between people well:

33. Is it true that  the difficulty level of a question is the proportion of people who correctly answered the question.

34. An ICC is:
35. Name one reason to make a test.

36. An essay question is a type of ____________________________ question.

37. T of F Differential item functioning analysis is used to detect bias in questions.

38. Which type of validity is considered the overall validity?

39. If I wanted to find only the high achievers in a group I would use______________ . Explain your answer

40. Is it  true that the validity of the criterion in no way affects the validity of the test meant to predict it? Why or why not?
41. The Woodcock Johnson has both:
42. Give one reason that personality tests were created.
43. Is it true that achievement tests are best used to predict later work.
44.Is it true that the Stanford (SAT10) has questionable enough reliability and validity that it shouldnt
be used.
45.  The validity scales on the MMPI are used to detect ___________________.
46. Is it true that a T-score of 65 or over on any MMPI scale always means the person needs clinical
47a. Is Neuroticism a domain on the NEO-PI?
47b. Is Openness to Experience a domain on the NEO-PI?
47c. Is Depression a domain on the NEO-PI?
47d. Is Conscientiousness a domain on the NEO-PI?
48. Is it true that personality test’s questions must have face validity to be accurate.
49. Explain one way of detecting faking.
50.  Is it true that these questions could be considered an achievement test.
51. Name three areas often covered on achievement tests.
52. What is a personality inventory?
53. Is it true that social desirability, or bias, can be a problem for self-report scales.
54. Is it true that you can make a definitive DSM diagnosis using the MMPI.
55. What is the difference between licensing and certification?
56-57.  What is the WIAT and what tests is it most often compared to?
58. Is it true that there is a distinct difference between ability and achievement.
59. Is it true that the BDI is a long inventory looking at many different disorders.
60. The two factors on the STAI are

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