Guidelines for Research Paper


The assignment is to write a 3-5 page typed research paper using APA style. The paper must contain at least 4 academic sources, no more than two of which can be Internet sources. If you are using an online version of a published journal, you do not have to count that as an Internet source. Wikipedia is not an academic source.

Here is a great resource for APA formatting:  General Format // Purdue Writing Lab

A complete paper should include:

            Title Page (includes header, p.#, running head, title, author and class)

            Abstract (a one-paragraph {120 words or less} summary of what your paper is about)

Body  (this is what is counted in the 3-5 pages)

Reference Page (an alphabetized list of all the sources you used for the paper)


Write a 3-5 page paper in APA format on the topic of why people behave the way they do. Be sure to include an overview of the nature/nurture issue and at least four (4) psychological perspectives like the psychodynamic perspective and the humanistic perspective in your paper.

Responses should include, and demonstrate an understanding of, course-related concepts that are relevant to the question. Please save your file in Word or rft doc and submit in the drop box. Do NOT submit your assignment in PDF format.


These papers will be graded according to according to a 75%-25% ratio that is, 75% content 25% mechanics. We DO count off for errors of grammar, style, spelling, sentence structure, etc, so write carefully and proof your paper well.

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