The total length of this assignment (answer to all questions taken together) should be 1100 to 1300 words in length (with a typical font and spacing this will be 4 to 5 pages) and should use information from the textbook, online resources, and your own experiences. This assignment provides an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the reading material. Be sure to document all sources properly in APA format.

1- Suppose that a new miracle pill allows a person to function without sleep. Thus, a person who takes the pill will never sleepor dreamagain. Knowing what you do about the functions of sleep and dreaming, what would be some advantages and drawbacks of such a pill from a personal perspective? Would you take such a pill? Why or why not? Keep in mind that a complete answer should be well-supported; in other words, be sure to apply psychological theories and concepts to answering the question.
2- Explain five sleep disturbances. Based on theories and concepts from Chapter 4 of your text, suggest three strategies you might employ to improve your sleep.
Imagine that you are working as a mental health professional. A college student confides in you that he is struggling with alcohol and marijuana addiction. How would you explain to him the difference between psychological and physiological dependence? What information would you explain to him regarding these classes of psychoactive drugs? Be specific.
3- Examine the three major types of consequences that result from stress: direct physiological effects; harmful behaviors, and indirect-health related behaviors. Discuss a stressor youve encountered and apply it to each consequence. Discuss the current research that links stress to psychoneuroimmunology, and highlight how stress impacts the immune system.
4- Imagine that you were to win the Powerball lottery tomorrow. What type(s) of stress, in your opinion, would diminish because of increased financial resources? What does current research say about whether or not money buys happiness? Evaluate these theories: do you agree or disagree with this research? What are the advantages and limitations of these theories? As part of your answer, explain three characteristics related to happy people.

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