Psychological Effects of Unemployment and Underemployment

number 1
Using the examples of quality evaluation of your sources, please evaluate using the attched  form.
You will need to fill out the attched sheet called Resource_Evaluation_Worksheet_1 to desribe where the information from the attached sheet called  paragraph came
number 2
This is a 2 page apa paper. Below are all the refrences. You will use the refrences to
Create an outline that you will be using for your paper. Include a reference page for all citations below
Show specific examples of direct quote in-text citations and paraphrases for at least 5 of your references. Use examples of direct and paraphrase in-text citations from your sources with examples you will probably be using in your paper.
Psychological Effects of Unemployment and Underemployment from
Job Loss & Unemployment Stress from
Hating your job is as bad for your health as being unemployed, researchers warn from
Stress in the Workplace: A Costly Epidemic by R. Maxon from
Does YOUR job feel like it’s killing you? By B. London
5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work by M. White
number 3
Research happens in everyday life. Sometimes you can easily identify research in newspapers and magazines
Every week, you will be using any of the online newspapers below and finding one article that you can identify that shows some sort of research. Look for phrases such as “according to a study”, specific data or percentage changes. Pay attention to how that study or data is used and explained in the article. Steer away from opinion articles. Share the link, the author’s full name, the date the article was published and the title of the article.

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The Chicago Sun-Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Journal Sentinel
For this module, address the following;
  • Find an article and describe how it incorporates the critical analysis of another source or its own organization skills.
  • Does it attempt to refute data?
  • Point out specific discrepancies in data?
  • Can you clearly see the organization of the article?
number 4
Movies and television are very important in our culture: as a pastime and as a glimpse into our culture. The placement of specific brands and products in movies has become a lucrative way for businesses to make money by selling the link between the movie or show and the product in the mind of the consumer.
Reflect on your favorite movie or television show from the past year. Watch the movie or episode again, and pay attention to product placement. In a short paper of 1-2 pages describe the products and how the movie or show used them. Was the placement obvious? How did it tie-in to the story? What was the benefit to the business selling the product and the movie or television show by placing this product?
number 5
Last week you selected a topic and began conducting research for your Media Analysis Project. You will use the attched document called photograpy_picture_0 for this.  Now it is time to use that research to formalize your thesis and create an outline for you paper. If you put in a good effort here, the act of actually writing the paper will be much easier.
Even though this paper is an analysis using a specific approach, it needs to have a thesis. This thesis should frame the way you choose to approach the six perspectives. Attched is an example of the thesis and how it should look.
Your outline should show the key points you will bring up in the paper. You will want to start to integrate your research in support for your key points. Attched is an example outline and how it should look

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