Psych questions

Please answer the following questions using scholarly sources as needed. Please keep the questions numbered so I can put them into the correct place.
1. How can the study of aphasia patients advance our knowledge of language processing and language development?
2. What do games like Peek-a-boo and This Little Piggy do to facilitate language development? What are some of the characteristics that these games share with adult conversation?
3. Explain the challenges of referring a bilingual child for language evaluation. What do professionals recommended when evaluating a second language learner?.
4. Discuss some of the ways that culture, gender and socioeconomic factors can influence (both positively and negatively) language development.
5. Provide one piece of evidence, with an example, to support the nativist (nature) point of view on language development. Then provide one piece of evidence, with an example, to support the constructionist (nurture) point of view.”
6. What are some of the strategies caregivers use to facilitate language? In your answer, you may want to discuss adaptive techniques, such as IDS, physical facilitation and elaborative techniques such as parallel talk.

Here is the link to my text book where you can find the information – these questions are from chapter 1-8 book:!/4/6%400:0 sign in to book: [email protected] password: Mitten81712#

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