Proposed Topic: Romantic Relationships: What types of intimacy can make a relationship work?

Use the general framework below to prepare the draft of your literature review:

Title Page-page 1

Abstract-page 2

Introduction-page 3

First Topic/Point/Variable of Literature Review-pages 4-5

Second Topic/Point/Variable of Literature Review-pages 6-7

Third Topic/Point/Variable of Literature Review-pages 8-9

Discussion-page 10

References-pages 11+

Instructions from the syllabus:

After completing the annotated bibliographies, students will work on their literature review.  A peer will review a draft of the paper, and the instructor will review a revised and completed draft.  The draft is worth 10 points.

The paper, worth 20 points, must be ten (10) pages long (not including references) and must follow APA format (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with 1-inch side, top, and bottom margins).  The review should highlight three major points related to the topic.  Journal articles (paper and electronic) are the only sources that can be used for the paper (no websites or textbooks allowed). Students should paraphrase and cite information from the sources. Direct quotations cannot be used. A minimum of ten (10) references, most of which should have been written within the last ten years, must be used.  Of those 10 references, seven (7) of the articles should be empirical research articles (i.e., report of original research in a peer-reviewed journal).

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