Proposal Creation

For this milestone, you will develop the Proposal Creation portion of the Social Media Strategy Proposal section of your course project.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Proposal Creation: Now that you have gathered and analyzed the necessary qualitative and quantitative data, create a brief proposal for a social media strategy. The proposal should be informed by the creation of two SMART goals that can guide your social media strategy, as well as three social media platforms that will be used to achieve your SMART goals.
SMART Goals: Create social media strategy goals that can be used to guide the new social media strategys development, assess its success, and incorporate all SMART goal criteria.
Platform Selection: Select appropriate social media platforms that will be used to achieve your SMART goals and justify your selections with evidence from the Data Analysis portion of your social media strategy proposal.
Frequency: Recommend the ideal frequency for social media posts for a two-week time span and explain why it is appropriate based on your target audience, event, and landscape.
Tone and Personality: Describe the tone and personality that should be incorporated into the content for your social media posts based on your target audience, event, and selected platforms. Use evidence from the course resources or the web to support your response.
Key Performance Indicator Alignment: Explain how your proposal will address key performance indicators identified in your SMART goals, using evidence from course resources and the web to support your explanations.
Guidelines for Submission
Submit this assignment as a 750- to 1,000-word Word document. Include the Data Analysis and Evaluating the Landscape portions of the social media strategy proposal from Milestone One as well as the new Proposal Creation portion from this milestone. Use headings to label each portion of the proposal.

Sources should be cited according to APA style. It is highly recommended that you incorporate instructor feedback from Milestone One before submitting this assignment.

Continue to use the target audience below that you selected in Milestone One.

Campus Students: Promote a bake sale being hosted by the student union during the last week of the winter term in December. The baked goods will be donated by the schools dining staff and local bakeries with all proceeds going to St. Judes. The hope is to raise at least $3,000 with this fundraiser.
When analyzing this target audience, think broadly about typical campus college students, who are usually aged 18 to 22 and are actively seeking a degree.

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