Prompt Answering #2

Prompt #1

In today’s lecture, we explored various examples of creative work centred on climate change. Identify an example of climate change creative work not discussed today that you find to be particularly relevant or appropriate to your final project. What kind of artwork is this? Is it data visualization, data art, or some other form of creative generation? What is the inspiration for this work? Finally, how does this piece resonate with your final project? Provide your answer in 150-250 words, and be sure to include an artist attribution and URL reference for the piece you describe.

Prompt #2

Today’s guest speakers from Green Diamond Machine presented their vision of how to build a sustainable and profitable business to draw down carbon dioxide. Considering all of the geoengineering solutions we discussed this week (solar radiation management, carbon dioxide removal, Earth radiation management), what kind of business would you want to create to address climate change? Frame your answer as a business “pitch” to an investor in 150-250 words, being sure to explain how your business would make money. It’s OK if the technology or process you are proposing hasn’t yet been invented, but it should be a realistic model (i.e., no magic solution pitches!)

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