Project Quality Management Plan

Quality Management Plan – Part II

This assignment is the second and last part of your quality management plan. This is your opportunity to develop a complete quality management plan. The Project Quality Management Plan should define the quality techniques and standards that will be applied to your project case and the various responsibilities for achieving the required quality levels, during the project.

Connection to learning outcomes

Apply quality concepts, tools and techniques to project management
Evaluate the importance of the customers role in project quality management
Develop a tool set to use in future projects, including quality tools and templates for project quality management
Identify and plan for the roles and responsibilities needed to plan and execute the project quality plan
Develop a realistic project quality management plan (PQMP), which includes all processes of project quality management, including quality planning, quality management, and quality control

Make sure to incorporate into this part any feedback you received from me on part I. You have to combine part I and II into one document. Please add the following sections to your quality management plan.

1. Project organization background
2. Team members roles and responsibilities
3. Quality metrics (present your metrics in a table showing customer requirements, technical requirements, and the quality metrics. Add additional information as you see fit. Your HOQ will provide key inputs here).
4. Quality improvement plan
5. Quality assurance
6. Quality control
7. Sign off-page

My part is section 5 Quality Assurance.
Please go through the files I have uploaded, based on that, write a quality assurance plan for the case.

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