Project 5

I came up with a Police App. The idea is that the phone would start recording after being within a certain vicinity of police radios.

Develop alternatives. One of the alternatives needs to be “continue with no change” or however that should be phrased. Need to provide. Must define feasibility and risk for each alternative.

Feasibility should focus on whether a particular alternative is doable and worth doing. Risk, on the other hand, focuses on what can go wrong or what must go right. Analyzing the feasibility and risk of each alternative at this point may act as a screening process for ruling out any alternatives that are not worth pursuing. Feasibility may be viewed in terms of:
Economic feasibilityAlthough a cost/benefit analysis will be conducted to look at the alter- natives in greater depth, some alternatives may be too costly or simply not provide the benefits envisioned in the problem statement. At this point, an organization may evaluate an alternative in terms of whether funds and resources exist to support the project. For example, although you may be in a market for a new car, the reality of your limited income rules out the fancy sports car. Conducting an economic feasibility should serve as a reality check for each option or alternative.
Technical feasibilityTechnical feasibility focuses on the existing technical infrastructure needed to support an IT solution. Will the current infrastructure support the alternative? Will new technology be needed? Will it be available? Does the current staff have the skills and experience to support the proposed solution? If outsourcing, does the vendor or company have the skills and experience to develop and implement the application?
Organizational feasibilityOrganizational feasibility considers the impact on the orga- nization. It focuses mainly on how people within the organization will adapt to this planned organizational change. How will people and the way they do their jobs be impacted?

Will they accept this change willingly? Will business be disrupted while the proposed solution is implemented?
Other feasibilitiesDepending on the situation and the organization, a business case may include other issues, such as legal and ethical feasibility.
Risk should focus on:
IdentificationWhat can go wrong? What must go right?
AssessmentWhat is the impact of each risk?
ResponseHow can the organization avoid or minimize the risk?

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