Program Development

Assignment Content

Using evidence-based practices will enhance program success. In this assignment, you work with your team to develop and propose a correctional program to be implemented for a specific population.

Your team has been tasked with creating a new correctional program to address the risk and needs of a population of individuals to reduce recidivism. There are multiple teams creating programs, but the organization only has funding to implement 2 new programs. Once your program is created, your team will present an overview to the head of your department. For your program to be chosen, it is important to convey why this program is needed and what it will do for the population and the community.

Here is the demographic for assignment below: Address the identified risks and needs.

Create a 4 slides Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to showcase your program to the head of your department. Include the following:

1. Briefly describe the population that this program is meant to serve, and explain their identified risks and needs. (Individuals re-entering society from institutional or community corrections with
Mental health as their barrier) 2 Slides
2. Explain how this program will help reduce recidivism. (2 Slides)

Include a reference slide at the end of the presentation.

Ensure that your presentation is engaging and includes pictures and graphics as appropriate.

Include detailed speaker notes on each slide to outline what you would say while delivering the presentation.

Format any citations within your presentation and speaker notes according to APA guidelines.

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