Prognosis of ulcerative colitis

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Prognosis of ulcerative colitis

The assignment is designed to help you appraise evidence from literature of prognosis of certain health conditions and utilize evidence to discuss options with a patient from a given scenario from practice.

SCENARIO: You have a 35-year-old female patient with biopsy proven ulcerative colitis, shown by colonoscopy that is limited to the left side of the colon. Her symptoms began at age 20 and although her early course was stormy, she has had minimal symptoms for the last five years on non-steroidal therapy. Despite a normal follow up colonoscopy, your gastrointestinal consultant suggests that your patient consider a prophylactic colectomy with colostomy, citing an article that showed a 10% risk of colon CA for patients with ulcerative colitis.

Use the article attached below by Eaden et al. (2001) and support your answer for questions below for the given scenario in one page. APA format and reference/citation needed. Include evidence from diagnosis portion to support your recommendation to the patient.

1. Explain the evidence provided in the article by Eaden et al. (2001) on the prevalence and risk of colon cancer on patients with ulcerative colitis?

2. What advise would you provide for this patients in the scenario? What is her risk based on the available evidence? Would you advise prophylactic colostomy based on the available evidence ?

3. What diagnostic tests and screening would you advice, explain sensitivity and specificity of the tests and provide a plan to patient (you need to search a reference to support your statement) ?

Use the worksheet to extract information for answering the above questions. Follow grading rubric.

Fill out the worksheet and resubmit it as a word document.

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