COMM 201 The ProfileFor this assignment, you will write a profile of the subject of your choice. Details on how to write the profile can be found in the text and from class discussions and examples. You are not writing a long, detailed profile. You are writing a short profile, focusing on one or two topics. Here are the details:+ Select someone or a group you think would make a good story. Your interviews with this person will be augmented with additional reporting from two other sources. That can be other people, documents or internet research. The story is balanced, not necessarily a public relations-oriented approach. A family member or friend is not suitable as a profile subject.+ Submit 2-3 photos, each with captions, suitable for publication; in this case your web page for this class. You can also submit an edited video clip of no more than 30 seconds.+ Inform me of your choice for profile. Your idea must be approved before you begin work.+ Write a budget. The budget tells the editor what the story is about. You are selling the story to the editor. A budget starts with a one or two word label (or slug as it is called in the news industry) followed with a description of the story.  Here is an example:Bruce Wayne: He is Fullertons first multi-billionaire. He has made a name for himself with generous donations to the citys library, art museum, shelters for the homeless and victims of domestic violence. Since his arrival in town, crime has dropped way down. He has courted controversy with his plan to demolish a block of Downtown Fullerton for his ambitious Wayne Tower. I will look at what drives this man (did the murder of his parents by a robber play a big role?), especially his frequent absences from evening activities in the city. And where did he develop those killer abs?+ Story must  include a headline and summary or deck.+ A draft of the story will be shared with your peers for an edit.+ Make edits and then submit, with photos and captions, to me, for the grade.SOURCES: All sources, people or web-based must be listed at the end of the story. That should be full name, email address and phone number. For web-based, provide the link, title of article and source.LENGTH: About  500-750 words.

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