Professional Development and Self Promotion

How do you feel about self-promotion? Why do you feel the way you do?
What experience do you already have with self-promotion?
What are some methods of self-promotion (see the examples above) you can start working on now that will be useful to you in the future?
What are some strengths that you can highlight through self-promotion? Provide at least one specific example that illustrates one of your strengths in your professional lifeat work, at school, as a participant in a professional organization, at an externship, at an internship, or as a volunteer.
Using the internet, find a strong example of self-promotion. This could be anythinga sample business card, a website, a blog post, etc. Post the URL here.
What ideas can you use from the sample you have provided for your own self-promotion?

**I am a nurse working in the medical field.

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