Product Life Cycle Strategy

This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:
      a. Identify a products position in an industrys life cycle.
      b. Understand the changes in the marketing mix as products move through the life cycle.
      c. Develop strategies appropriate to a products lifecycle position.

Action Items:
      A. Read or review the instructional resources listed in Module 4 Reading and Preparation.

      B. Respond to the following prompt: Healthcare most likely would be categorized as being in the mature stage of its product life cycle. Furthermore, it is probably in the stable stage. As a medical professional entering the industry in this phase of maturity, how will you operate under the Marketing Concept?

      C. Your post should include the following:
                a. Product’s position in an industry’s life cycle
                b. Changes in the marketing mix as products move through the life cycle
                c. Strategies appropriate to a product’s life cycle position
Review the Rubric (attached)

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