Primary Prevention Paper


Primary Prevention Paper Guidelines – Grading Criteria

This paper is designed to help you think about how you, as a nurse, can prevent a disease and
promote health within a specific patient population.  You will design strategies for health
promotion/primary prevention that will reach a group of people or a community (e.g. WPU
students; pregnant women in a certain borough, etc.).
Each student selects a health problem from any of the seminar presentations posted for the semester and submits to instructor via email by end of module 3 for approval. Once approved, student will develop a written paper.   

I.    Significance of health problem to health status                                            30%
1.    Implications of age, gender, ethnicity if appropriate           
2.    Incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, cost implications
3.    Identify a population of focus be specific

II.    Evidence based strategies for health promotion/primary prevention      35%                                                           
1.    Health teaching principles (readiness to learn, subject relevance, reading level,
learner engagement, etc.)                           
2.    Health teaching approaches (content outline, time frame, setting, format)

III.    Variables impacting health promotion/primary prevention goal attainment     25%
relevant to health problem (cultural, legal, psycho-socio-economic, family variables)                     

IV.    Organization, grammar, spelling, APA style of writing,                        10%

(Must have a minimum of three references (at least 2 current journal references.)

My Population are Adult African-Americans in  the City of Teaneck, New Jersey.

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