present the experimental data in a logical way

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present the experimental data in a logical way

SUBMISSION DEADLINE The deadline for submitting the paper is Tuesday July 8, 2014. The essay should be handed in to your instructor during regular class time. An electronic copy should also be submitted to the instructor by email. This essay is worth 12% of the final course grade. In case of late submission, 10% (i.e. 1.2%) will be deducted for every calendar day. A mark of zero will be assigned if the essay is submitted more than 3 calendar days late. TOPIC Essays must be based on an original, peer-reviewed scientific articles in the field of physical chemistry. The student has the freedom of choice as far as the topic of the article is concerned. The publication date of the article must be post January 1st 2000. Preference should be given to scientific articles from Science (AAAS, HighWire Press) and Nature (Nature Publishing Group, NPG) journals. Notice news and commentaries are not appropriate and will receive a grade of zero. GENERAL FORMAT Length: 2000-3000 words Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt Line spacing: double Margins: 2.54 cm (1 inch) all around Pages numbers: bottom right Section headings: bold ESSAY CONTENT 1. Cover Page (0.5 points). Title of the article, name of journal, date and page numbers of the article, course and section, student name and ID number, professor’s name, word count (as determined by your word processing program), and submission date. 2. Summary/Body (3.5 points). What is the main issue presented in the article? What physical chemistry process does it relate to? 3. Critique/Analysis (3.5 points). This is where you discuss the “effectiveness” of the article/author in presenting the scientific concept(s) to the reader. You can be more creative, but think of questions like: A. Did the author(s) introduce the topic sufficiently for audience to follow? B. Did the author(s) provide a scientific review of literature describing the work done prior to the study presented in this article?

Did the author(s) emphasize the significance/importance of undergoing their research? Did the author(s) clearly point out their hypotheses before undergoing this study? Did the authors(s) present the experimental data in a logical way? Did the author(s) draw plausible conclusions to either accept or reject their hypothesis? Did the author(s) provide some future directions or research objectives that may shed more light on understanding the topic presented in the article? H. Did the author(s) acknowledge people who contributed to this research work? You can surely think of more questions to critically analyse the article under investigation. 4. Synopsis/Conclusion (2.0 points). Report the overall findings in one concise paragraph of clear conclusion(s). 5. Bibliography/References (1.5 points). You need to find at least three peer-reviewed journal articles that are closely related to the article under examination. These articles should help you understand whether the data and conclusions presented in the article under examination are supported or in conflict with data and conclusions presented by other researchers. You cannot rely on textbooks, newspaper/magazine articles, or web sites. The style of referencing in the bibliography section should be as follows: L. Pappalardo, I. Pelczer & S.L. Ralston (2013). Metabolic differences between Draft-cross and Mustang horses detected by Metabonomic analyses. J. Equine Veterinary Sci., 33: 10441049. 6. Overall Organization and Logical Presentation (1.0 point). 7. Original Article. The original article must be attached to the back of your essay. If you fail to provide a copy of the original article, you will get a mark of zero for this essay assignment.

C. D. E. F. G.

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