pre report

Strategic Management Scenario:  Assume you are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company that manufactures and sells packaged snack foods (chips, candies, nuts) in the U.S. (which is your home or domestic market).  As part of your firms growth strategy, you have decided to expand internationally (i.e., pursue geographic diversification) by entering into and competing in Brazil and Japan.  The major issue that you face is choosing an international strategy to use to compete across these three international markets (i.e., the U.S., Brazil, and Japan).
Pre Report Analysis
1) Using cross discipline knowledge you have gained from prior courses, analyze the global packaged snack foods (chips, candies, nuts) industry and describe what is required to successfully compete in this industry. This should be about 1.5-2 pages.
2) Discuss relevant components of the international business environment for each country (trade restrictions such as tariffs, cost of labor, energy costs, etc.) and (b) the impact, if any, of cross cultural differences on the choice of the international strategy to use (ex. cultural preferences for the product itself or domestic vs. import product). This should be about 2-3 pages.
The Pre Report Analysis will be submitted at the same time as your report.

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