Pompeii Painting (Portrait of a husband and Wife)

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ART 1303 – Pre-Renaissance

Research Paper  Topic: (Pompeii painting “Portrait of a husband and Wife”) 

Instructor: Bernice Peacock

Assignment Overview:

Student will write a formal research paper in MLA format that includes

*Coverpage with image of topic, writer’s name and title

*5 written pages (first page half – last 4 full pages)

*Works cited page

The due date for the paper is April 4, 2014 Paper must be submitted to turnitin.com before instructor reads the paper.  Access D2L online to submit paper to turnitin.com

Instructor must have a hard copy of the paper by April 4, 2014 at the beginning of class, or paper will be considered late. Turnitin.com deadline is April 11.

Topic of the research paperis an artwork (painting, sculpture, architecture) created by an artist or art style that has relevance to the class.  There is also an option compare and contrast two artworks.

Paper should include:

An introduction

A brief history of the artist or culture that produced artwork

A discussion of the chosen artwork in context of the artist’s life or relevance to community

What type of impact did the artwork make at the time it was created?

How did artwork reflect the philosophical, religious, or social climate of the time and place associated with the artist?

What is the perception of this artwork today?

Where is artwork located today?

What is the provenance of the artwork (history of ownership)?

What is your opinion of artwork and why did you choose it? (Remember in MLA format there is not the use of first person (I, you, we).  Do not write questions, state facts and your ideas.  Write your opinion as third person and make statements Ex:

In the writer’s opinion, the Egyptians were amazing artists.  One needs only to observe the precise building of the pyramids and to contemplate the mystery of the Egyptian religion to realize the complexity and beauty produced by this ancient culture.

Instead of:

I think the Egyptians were amazing.  Don’t you agree?

The following websites are helpful for info on in text citations and works cited:

Owl Purdue: MLA Style         sonofcitationmachine.com     EZbib.com

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