Political Science

Political Science: Instructions for Extra Credit Papers


Students may complete 1 or 2 extra credit papers worth up to 15 points each.  To earn a full 15 points, each paper needs to exhibit insightful analysis and critiques, in addition to college-level grammar, spelling, etc.  These papers are due at the beginning of class on our last lecture meeting – NOT the day of the final.  No late papers, emailed papers or faxed papers will be accepted.


In each 4-5 page paper, you will analyze a different political text selected from the list of approved books below.  Before you start your paper, you must get approval from me for your selection (send me an e-mail).


The first section (approximately two pages) will be devoted to a summary review of the different chapters and major arguments in the book.  This section needs to be in your own words – don’t insert lengthy quotations or paraphrased sentences.


The second section of this extra credit paper (about one page) will be devoted to an analysis of where exactly this author falls along the ideological spectrum (radical? liberal? moderate? conservative? reactionary? somewhere in-between two of these ideologies?).  Explain your arguments with evidence from the text and by relating the core values and characteristics of the ideological spectrum we discussed in class.


The last section (about one-page) is where you will critique the arguments made by the author.  What are the weaknesses/flaws in their arguments or evidence?

This paper must be typed, stapled, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins and your name, class, and date in the header (not in the body of the paper – click “View–Header & Footer”)No cover pages or folders. Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors, and for deviations from the format described above.


List of Approved Books Below:






Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky




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