Political questions

Please answer the following questions within 150 words.

1.Why did the federal government introduce multicultural policies in the 1970s? Has this policy
really empowered multicultural groups?
2. Discuss the main differences between nationalism in Quebec before and after 1960 and what
factors caused Quebec nationalism to change. Explain why a rise in support for the Bloc
Quebecois are not surprising if we consider the history of language politics in Quebec.
5.The rise of nationalism in Quebec is illustrated with the Bloc winning 22 more seats, but the
Western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are at the same time experiencing a rise of
Western regionalism and alienation. Why is intrastate federalism at a very weak point compared
to interstate federalism?
7.Critics argue that Canadas Charter of Rights and Freedoms confers too much power on judges
who are not elected. How do they arrive at that conclusion? How could one deflect such
8.What are the advantages and disadvantages of NAFTA? What alternatives were available in
the increasing regionalization of world trading patterns?

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