Policy Analysis (Equality Act 2021)

***After properly introducing the topic area, the student must provide pertinent and recent policies regarding the social population served. The student must quote verbatim wider social policy and the source and then correlate such policy with agency policy and procedures.

****This final section should address how you would advocate for fair and equitable policies that are conducive for poor people to advance (consider a Grand Challenge population) Therefore, you need to write some specific agency policy statements that would better serve those who are impacted by agency policy. Your discussion must be persuasive. This is your moment to exercise your advocacy skills. This is truly your moment to shine. Remember, as you advocate for applicable policies, you should include a funding/budgeted section, and you may include partnerships with other agencies, city units, etc., that will fulfill your goal. Outline your analysis as follows:

Statement of the Problem
Describe the Policy to be analyzed
Describe how the Policy been implemented
Unintended Consequences
Gaps in Policy and Practices
Proposed Changes, Protocols and Processes
Budgetary Ideas
Macro Practice Skills Needed to Fulfill Policys mission Evidence of Professional Identity

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