Poetry Book Report

Read one full-length book of poetry and write a response that is 2-3 pages double spaced.  You may choose any book in the “Further Reading” folder in our Files section, or choose a book we’ve already read in class, or a book we’re going to read.  If you feel strongly about a book that you don’t find on our Canvas site, please reach out to me and we can discuss.  In your report, use the language we’ve learned and the various craft elements we’ve become familiar with to discuss the book & poems.  Instead of focusing your response on an individual poem for close reading, try to focus more on structure, theme, voice, noticeable patterns of language, and what resonated with you personally, while citing specific examples.  You can also discuss what you will take away from this book as a poet.  Your response should include both analysis and personal reflection.  No need to worry about MLA formatting, but please choose an appropriate font.

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